Selling is a conversation

Zaid Hisham is the go-to UX copywriter for helping brands clarify their messaging using a unique integration of copywriting and design to increase conversion and revenue.

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When your brand conversation with customers goes beyond selling, you will create customers for life.

What I do

I blend strategic insight with creative execution to transform your digital presence.

I help brands uncover their unique market position and craft compelling narratives that resonate with their target audience. By integrating core values and mission into every touchpoint, I create holistic brand experiences that set companies apart from their competitors and drive meaningful engagement.

I transform website content into powerful conversion tools, weaving strategic storytelling with data-driven insights. My approach goes beyond just words; I create user-centric copy that guides visitors through intuitive journeys, turning casual browsers into loyal customers and advocates for your brand.

I specialize in creating seamless, user-centric digital experiences that not only look great but drive real business results. By combining strategic thinking with practical design solutions, I optimize user flows, reduce friction points, and enhance overall usability, increasing engagement and conversions.

“Zaid is in a league of his own. He's set the bar so high for messaging and design strategy, to the point that with any new project, one of the first things I do is figure out how quickly we can get his eyes on it."

– Josh Boone, Founder, Pure Web Results

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Featured success stories

See how strategic storytelling and design have improved conversions and revenue for these brands.


For tentree, Zaid led a comprehensive UX redesign of their e-commerce website, optimizing key pages and integrating the brand's core mission throughout the user experience to drive sales and boost engagement.

  • 80.95% increase in conversion rate for product category pages
  • Redesigned key pages (Home, Product, Category) to improve shopping experience
  • Optimized blog content, tying it to product categories, resulting in 736% revenue increase from blog traffic

At Leviton, I redesigned and consolidated multiple complex applications into one intuitive web application, improving user experience and operational efficiency for lighting design and sales workflows.

  • Combined 5 applications across multiple teams into 1 seamless web application
  • Designed interaction models and interfaces for lighting design and sales workflows
  • Collaborated with stakeholders to define requirements and constraints

I optimized key banking transactions and document management processes for Fiserv, enhancing user efficiency and system functionality in a legacy-to-web redesign project.

  • Prototyped bank teller transactions for legacy-to-web redesign
  • Designed workflows for Wire Transfer, Cash Back, and Electronic Funds transactions
  • Created processes for document type definitions (creating, editing, and archiving)

Trusted by startup leaders

Hear from founders whose businesses have flourished through our partnership.

“Zaid’s ability to capture ideas, dig deeper into the “whys,” and set it out in a structured and manageable method helped me go from swimming in an ocean of sales coaches to finding a new space to dive into, by focussing on my passions, strengths and abilities.”

Susie MathiesonOwner, The Small Stuff

“Zaid has this ability to draw from your deeply held personal values & passions and incorporate them into your business' essence.”

Chris GuiseppiniPrincipal, Sondor Media

“My online sales have doubled since working with Zaid.”

Brenda Lord EnyartOwner & Roaster, Sauvie Island Coffee Company

“Zaid...fundamentally changed how I thought about my own profession. I had been surrounded by mountains of value the whole time.”

Sam McNerneyFounder, McNerney Insights

“Zaid...was able to give me clear and precise directions as to where I needed to focus my energy and how to say what I needed to say. He has definitely made an impact on me.”

Dimeji AjasinArchitect, Designer

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