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Zaid Hisham is a Nielsen Norman Group-certified design strategist based in Portland, OR with over 15 years of experience elevating user experiences for startups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies alike.

Is This Your Reality?

  • You're the founder of a Shopify-based e-commerce brand generating 1-10 million annually
  • Split testing and conversion rate optimization are absent from your strategy
  • You've earned impressive credibility through social media, glowing reviews, and media acclaim, but it's not woven into your website
  • Paid traffic isn't yielding the ROI you anticipated
  • High bounce rates and cart abandonment plague your store, but the reasons remain elusive
  • Your exceptional products lack the detailed storytelling they deserve
  • Social proof of customer purchases is missing from your site
  • Your Shopify template looks sleek but falls short in conversion potential
  • Despite a substantial email list, converting subscribers into customers is an ongoing struggle

The Dropshipping Dilemma: Thriving in the Age of Amazon

In the era of e-commerce giants like Amazon, the game has changed. Consumers now expect nothing less than exceptional online shopping experiences.

As an e-commerce brand, the onus is on you to demonstrate why customers should choose your store over the convenience and familiarity of Amazon. Simply having a website is no longer enough.

To succeed, you must embrace the reality that you are not just a website, but a full-fledged business. This means mastering the online equivalents of every aspect that makes a brick-and-mortar store thrive.

The harsh truth is that many small e-commerce brands realize this too late. They neglect critical elements such as:

  • Strategy: Setting yourself apart in a crowded market
  • Positioning: Carving out a unique and compelling niche
  • Marketing: Driving repeated, loyal customer visits
  • Conversion: Encouraging customers to choose you time and again
  • Customer Service: Delivering exceptional care and support
  • User Experience: Crafting intuitive, seamless shopping journeys
  • Brand: Weaving a resonant story throughout every touchpoint

In the battle for customer attention, your true competitors are Amazon and the allure of endless entertainment. To emerge victorious, you must excel across all facets of your e-commerce presence.

“Zaid is in a league of his own. He's set the bar so high for UX and conversion strategy, to the point where now when I onboard a new client, one of the first things I do is see how quickly we can pull him in on it.”

– Josh Boone, Founder, Pure Web Results

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Elevating E-Commerce through Strategic UX

Crafting a winning e-commerce experience demands more than clever branding and visuals. The true challenge lies in the intricacies of:

  • Positioning
  • Customer Experience
  • User Experience
  • Marketing

I specialize in tackling these critical elements head-on. By unearthing your unique value proposition and seamlessly weaving it into every touchpoint, I help you create an unparalleled customer journey that leaves competitors in the dust.

My expertise spans the entire funnel, from converting curious subscribers into loyal customers to fostering lasting brand advocacy. Through meticulous UX design and compelling email copywriting, I guide your audience from initial intrigue to enduring enthusiasm.

Partner with me to:

  • Crystallize your brand positioning
  • Integrate your unique strengths into a frictionless customer experience
  • Transform subscribers into passionate customers
  • Cultivate a loyal customer base that keeps coming back for more

Let's collaborate to shape an e-commerce presence that doesn't just stand out—it redefines the game.

Featured Success Stories

Explore how I've helped e-commerce brands like yours skyrocket conversions and revenue through transformative UX design and strategy.

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Eco-apparel startup where I optimized website UX, which boosted revenue and engagement.

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Unified web app streamlined sales process across teams, enhancing efficiency and communication.

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Modernized complex "Cash back" transaction in banking software, integrating with cash machines.

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Trusted by E-Commerce Leaders

Hear from founders whose businesses have flourished through our partnership.

“Zaid’s ability to capture ideas, dig deeper into the “whys,” and set it out in a structured and manageable method helped me go from swimming in an ocean of sales coaches to finding a new space to dive into, by focussing on my passions, strengths and abilities.”

Susie MathiesonOwner, The Small Stuff

“Zaid has this ability to draw from your deeply held personal values & passions and incorporate them into your business' essence.”

Chris GuiseppiniPrincipal, Sondor Media

“My online sales have doubled since working with Zaid.”

Brenda Lord EnyartOwner & Roaster, Sauvie Island Coffee Company

“Zaid...fundamentally changed how I thought about my own profession. I had been surrounded by mountains of value the whole time.”

Sam McNerneyFounder, McNerney Insights

“Zaid...was able to give me clear and precise directions as to where I needed to focus my energy and how to say what I needed to say. He has definitely made an impact on me.”

Dimeji AjasinArchitect, Designer

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