I spent $20k over 20 years to “fix” myself. What have I learned?

I'd love to teach you the #1 mistake I was making. And what to do instead.

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“Zaid has this ability to draw from your deeply held personal values & passions and incorporate them into your business' essence.”

Chris Guiseppini, Principal, Sondor Media

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Procrastination, lack of focus and ADHD are gifts

Read this. I’m not crazy.

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The 4-Hour Work Week is broken…somewhat.

Here's how to fix it.

About Me

I'm Zaid Hisham. I help men who wrestle with ADHD and procrastination discover, envision, and launch mission-driven projects.

I am a lifestyle designer, filling the gaps for people left hanging by business courses and books like The 4-Hour Work Week.

What I do

I take men who feel they have a greater purpose — something that keeps them up at night — give that “something” form and a name.

Some people are destined to improve the world and serve others, but struggle to articulate their dreams and bring them into the real world where they can then serve their own “tribes”.

Why I do it

This is part of who I am — I help the million other Zaids in the world save decades of time becoming who they want to be.

I couldn’t find support for how I love to work and what excites me and brings out the best in me. I realized that I’m the person I’ve been waiting for.

I crush 2 blockers

  1. The internal resistance you face when showing up for yourself and making a dent in the world
  2. The bumps in the road you face when you gain momentum and approach breakthroughs

I use a coaching-centric delivery model to help you improve your user experience of yourself, other people, and the world in general.

More specifically, I can help with six goals:

  1. Creating possibility in the face of failures and setbacks
  2. Founding a tribe around what you want to create
  3. Bridging gaps between who you are who you want to be 
  4. Bridging gaps between what you have and what you want
  5. Developing trust in your intuition, creativity and judgment
  6. Designing a life around what you love and you operate

If you'd like to start a conversation about paying for my help, book a Zoom call with me.

“I wish I met you ten years ago. You know my pains and exactly what I have been going through. You spoke to my soul.”

Dimeji Asajin, Architect

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